Supporting Global Missions
of NWChurch

"Go therefore and make
disciples of all nations...."

Matthew 28:19

What do you do when you have good news? You share it with all your friends and family. We feel that way about the Good News of Jesus Christ—that God made a way for us to be able to come to Him anytime. That news is so good, we are dedicated to sharing it all over the world by supporting missionaries and agencies that do just that.

Where in the world is NWChurch?

Here's a list of the countries where are serving,
 or places we have a partnering organization.
Click on each one for more information or to contact them by email. 
  • Kisumu, Kenya - Ring Road Teachers
  • Makua-Metto, Mozambique - Chad & Amy Westerholm
  • Western Mozambique - Owen & Eunice Ruraca
  • Kitali, Kenya - Children's Home
  • Frontier Ventures - Darrell & Linda Dorr

For those areas where sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ is illegal,
we protect those who represent us in that part of the world.
  • West Africa - Pioneer Bible Translators
  • Pakistan - Via Special Offerings

Missions Blog

Scroll down to read about some of the last news from our Missions Team and our missionaries around the world.

Pentecost Sunday - Special Giving - May 23
May 9th, 2021
One of our annual traditions at NWChurch is the special offering we take in support of Global Missions. This takes place each year on Pentecost Sunday ... this year on May 23. We budget monies annually to support various initiatives worldwide, but typically things arise that require additional support. An example of this is caring for one of our missionaries who has been struggling with cancer and...
Westerholm/Mozambique Update
December 3rd, 2020
Amy Westerholm sent this report on how they and the churches they serve are welcoming the refugees and ministering to their needs—including with support from the Northwest Church....
Kisumu, Kenya Ring Road Update November 2020
November 11th, 2020
We received mostly good news from our mission partners at Ring Road School in Kisumu, Kenya. Schools resumed for Fourth Formers (12th graders in high school) and those in grades 4 and 8 of primary school. These children are preparing for their national exams. Other children are not attending school at this time....
Victims of War in Mozambique
September 17th, 2020
As we [Jeremy and Martha Smith] walk in the mornings, we have been seeing truckloads of refugees coming in, sitting on top of all their belongings.  The telltale sign is the foam mattresses.  Sadly, this is the story of thousands of people who are fleeing their homes in the northern part of our province in Mozambique.A group of insurgents has been gaining strength since it began attacks back in 20...
Mozambique Mission Update - Westerholm
August 3rd, 2020
Despite our personal limitations and the limitations placed on the churches in this season, we know that God is not limited and he is at work. We know that we are in his hands and that he is ruler of all. We pray that he will continue to open doors for us to serve even in this season. God bless! Chad...

Our Mission Outposts

The NWChurch global impact is shown in the map to your right. 100% of what we do and where we are is "mission." Every location is a mission outpost. Every pastor – a located missionary. Every member – an ambassador.

Your support through regular offerings and special offerings fund mission activities at home and abroad. Thank you for your support of these five global mission sites of the NWChurch.

Sunday, May 31st, is 2020 Pentecost. This traditionally is a day when the NWChurch devotes special emphasis to Global Missions, takes up a special offering for special needs and projects, and remembers the Global view God has for His Kingdom.