What we do, we do from the heart.


What we do, we do from the heart.

Our Northwest Health Ministry is devoted to helping us live the  “abundant lives” God wants for us.  We believe this extends to the whole person—the physical body and the spiritual life.  Here are some of the ways our ministry is involved.

The Faith Community Nurses at NWChurch are registered nurses (RNs) who have completed training specifically to work within a community of faith, and serve the greater community in which we live and work.
Our goal is to improve the health of individuals, prevent disease, and integrate faith and health in the congregation. 

We can help you get a plan for managing treatment, medication, and help you understand you medical provider’s instructions. 

We work with families to help get them access to health care, we can help you find the answers t your health questions, and connect you with community resources for improved health. 

Faith Community Nurses


We can help you prevent injury by providing skills to prevent falls.

On the first Sunday of each month, we provide free blood pressure checks before and after our Sunday worship service. You can find us in the Conference Room (107).

We can help you find answers to your health questions, we work with families to access health care, and we can connect you with community resources for improved health. We can help you understand your medical provider’s instructions. 

Health Education

We periodically offer educational classes about living a more healthy lifestyle, dovetailing it with Biblical teaching. We have resources on topics such as mental health, weight loss, diabetes, healthy eating, dementia, and flu shot clinics.