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Sunday Morning Worship - 9:00 & 10 :30
Children's Programming both services
Youth Group during 10:30  service
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Jesus calls us to BE the church IN the world.
Live an impactful life as you walk with Christ in faith.

If faith and church and life seems pointless....

we want to let you know it doesn't have to be this way. We'd like to help. 

If you're at a place where you need to start something new, we're with you. We've experienced the emptiness and imagined something more. "Doing church" isn't our goal. Making an impact is.  So when we moved to Lynnwood, we  built a community center where a church happens to meet. Monday through Saturday we host everything from a medical clinic, to police training, to mom's groups, city events, and more. 
But it's not about a facility, it's about a deeper change. The Community Life Center of Lynnwood isn't only our home, it's also are reminder of our basic calling: offer everything God gave us to the community around us and see lives change. That change, though, begins with us...with you and with me. If you're ready to start something new, we're ready to meet you where you are and begin the journey together. 

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