We encourage you to get connected with a Bible-teaching class on Sundays.
It is far too easy to simply come to church and then slip out quickly.
We want to get to know you better, so join us!

Classes are offered during both first and second services.
This allows you to attend both a service and a class—
deepening your understanding of the Bible and building your relationships at NWChurch. 

Summer Session
A series of classes for 8 weeks (July 7 - Aug 25)
Because it's summertime, we're offering a shortened quarter with two classes.
 We'll resume our regular 4-class schedule in the Fall. 

3 Short Books: A Study of Jude, Philemon and Philippians

During 1st Service: 9:00-10:00 am

Room 108 - Taught by Kevin King, Garry Chapman, and Bill Lawrence

We will begin this class with a textual study of two of the most overlooked books of the New Testament (Jude and Philemon). We'll finish up the class with a study of one of the most beloved of the letters from the Apostle Paul—the letter to the Philippian church.
July 7 and 14 - Book of Jude - Kevin King
July 21 and 28 - Book of Philemon - Garry Chapman
August 4 through 25 - Book of Philippians - Bill Lawrence

Hiding Heaven's Secrets: The Short Stories of Jesus

During 2nd Service: 10:30-11:30 am

Room 108 - Taught by Larry Powell and Marvin Smith

Using the Discovery Bible Study method, we will explore the parables of Jesus from a different vantage point than the way Jesus' parables are usually taught. We will be surprised, challenged and convicted by these short stories of Jesus.