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Classes starting in January 2021

In the Book of Acts, Luke documents the establishment of the church in Jerusalem and the implementation of Jesus' Great Commission to take the Gospel to the entire world through many exciting stories.  This class will be a deep-dive into the stories that Acts contains, and will continue for months into the new year. Taught by Charlie Elkins.
Passcode: acts
One tap mobile: 1-253-215-8782 — 81557541285#—0#, 740020# US (Tacoma)
Class starts on January 10 and continues for months into the year. 
Tired of talking about the problems of oppression and want to make a change? Convicted that our nation can do better and be better? God would agree. Isaiah spoke directly into the conversation we are having right now. Believe it or not, Isaiah is a prophecy of encouragement while also being a prophecy of challenge. Preparing for Advent 2020, I began visiting the book so much it seemed the right time to read the book through, and...wow! For those wanting a deep-dive into God's Word, get ready, because this study is perfect for you. Taught by Chris Goldman, Lead Pastor.
One tap mobile: +12532158782 — 81639628251# US (Tacoma)
Starting on Tuesday, January 5 and continues into the Spring of 2021
Artwork by Briton Rivière

BE  BRAVE:  Stories of Faith & Courage — A Class for Women

Ladies, join us for this 6-week Bible class as we discover together what it means to step out in faith and obedience and find God waiting for us. How do you cope with fear? What does the Bible have to say about fear?  Better yet, what does the Bible have to say about being brave and courageous? This study is a journey into Biblical stories of faith and courage in the face of fear. The class will also take you into the theology of bravery so that when your world is rocked by something unforeseeable, you can stand on your firm foundation of faith. Led by Joanna Smith, each class will last for an hour-and-a-half.

Attend online via Zoom at no cost. However—to enhance your study—you may purchase the book at a cost of $15 that includes the video links and study guides for each session. Click here to reserve a book and we’ll contact you about payment and delivery. The deadline to reserve a book is Wednesday, Jan. 6.
Passcode: brave
One tap mobile: 1-253-215-8782 — 88339788191#
Starting on Jan. 12 and ending on Feb. 23
Passcode: brave
One tap mobile: 1-253-215-8782, 85301397135#—0#,692194#
Starting on Jan. 15 and ending on Feb. 26
Those who walked with Jesus often found Jesus’ sayings hard.  Some sayings are hard because they are difficult to understand, others because the demands they make on us are only too clear.  The same is true for us today. Join us on a 12-week study of some of the harder to understand words of Jesus Christ and rediscover the teachings that transform our lives.  Taught by Care Pastor Bill Lawrence. 
Passcode: Primetime
One tap mobile: 1-253-215-8782 — 84679838912# US (Tacoma)
Starting on Jan. 7 and ending on March 25.
This class is full and not taking any new members.
We will offer this class again in the future.

GriefShare - Don't Grieve Alone

Have you recently lost a spouse, child, parent, sibling. or close friend? Losses like these can seem devastating, but you need to know there is hope. The leaders of GriefShare have experienced the loss of someone close and understand your deep pain. Every week the group watches a video seminar about a grief and recovery topic and then shares in group discussion. During the week you will have the opportunity to use your workbook for further personal study of the grieving process and to help sort out your emotions through journaling. Your group will spend time discussing questions and comments from the workbook study.  Led by Jenny Ricker and Dan Smith. Registration is required — click here to sign up! Registration is free, but workbooks are $15.00.
Meeting ID: 845 7963 3894 — Passcode: grief
One tap mobile: 1-253-215-8782 — 84579633894# — 361722# US (Tacoma)
13-session class, starting on Jan. 18 and ending on April 12.
Did you experience hurts, habits, or hang-ups in 2020? Life's Healing Choices is an eight-week course that goes through the eight principles of Celebrate Recovery. Based on the Beatitudes, Pastor Rick Warren teaches these video lessons that have helped Christians find healing from a number of issues.
These lessons take you step-by-step through the recovery/self-discovery process and include questions, memory verses, practical application, and more. An optional study guide can be obtained to enhance your journey to healing. Video lessons taught by Pastor Rick Warren, and discussion led by Mary Bauer.
  1. Admitting Need — The Reality Choice
  2. Getting Help — The Hope Choice
  3. Letting Go — The Commitment Choice
  4. Coming Clean — The Housecleaning Choice
  5. Making Changes — The Transformation Choice
  6. Repairing Relationships — The Relationship Choice
  7. Maintaining Momentum — The Growth Choice
  8. Recycling Pain — The Sharing Choice
Zoom ID is 209 342 9930. Password is 589130.
8-session class, starting on Jan. 8 and ending on Feb. 26.

Notes from Previous Classes

If you would like to access class notes from previous online classes, you can do so here. Please note that not all classes have this feature.