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With the "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" order, the Community Life Center has shut down except for essential services...
Feeding Program/Lahai Clinic Emergency Care.

03/26/2020 Latest Updates
  • We have added an update subscription for people who want to receive simple, short, emailed updates instead of coming her or checking out Facebook Live. SUBSCRIBE ON THIS PAGE. 
  • If you're interested in checking out NWChurch and attending our first ever "Explore NW Virtual Session" we are planning for April 5th. Go to the homepage and scroll down to the 1, 2, 3 to connect (or to talk to a pastor). 
  • SUNDAY STREAMING WORSHIP WILL BE AT 10:00 AM and will be done in compliance with the Governor's Regulation. 
  • Before or after Sunday worship, please fill out your CONNECT CARD and PRAYER REQUESTS (one the homepage or via the app). 
  • Per compliance: The Community Life Center is closed except for Lahai and the Feeding Program. Please don't come to the CLC during the Stay Home, Stay Healthy regulations. 

03/25/2020  What you need to know...
  • The elders and staff continue to have weekly meetings via Zoom on Thursdays to assess and inform. 
  • In compliance with regulations, the staff is now working remote with pastors rotating into the facility as needed to ensure the Feeding Program and Lahai appointments have access. This means 10:30 - 12:30 most days; 8:30 - 4:30 most Tuesdays.
  • The leadership will be ramping up contact with those who regularly attend NW over the next few weeks. SHEPHERDING GROUPS have been organized to help the leadership stay in contact with everyone we can. Elders, staff, and trusted members will be reaching out via email and phone. We hope these short contacts are helpful to you and your families.
  • Churches have sent a letter/petition to Governor Inslee asking for clarification on streaming services. All other states have an exception allowing church leaders to live stream services with a minimal crew (all observing social distancing regulations). Once the Governor clarifies this, we will be able to give you details about what to expect on Sunday. For now, note the difference in worship time: We adjusted to 10:00 AM to avoid what happened last week. There were so many Churches streaming, headlines read, "The Church Killed the Internet."  Adjusting the time takes us out of the peak streaming hours of both Eastern and Central time zones.
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