Inspirational Women - Class Notes

This is a webpage that contains notes, slides and resources from class each week. These sessions start in mid-October 2020.

Weekly Outline:
Week 1 (Oct. 20 & 23): Using your God-given gifts
Week 2 (Oct. 27 & 30): Wisdom and Generosity
Week 3 (Nov. 3 & 6): Courage and Faith
Week 4 (Nov. 10 & 13): Willing to Lead and Go
Week 5 (Nov. 17 & 20): Loyalty and Relationships

Opening Discussion Questions:
  1. Name a woman from the Bible you relate to and why.
  2. If you could go back in history and have a conversation with a woman you admire, who would it be?
  3. Is anyone named after someone in the Bible and if so, do you know what your name means?