We each have an innate desire to experience God and impact our world. The Community Life Center is one place we want that to happen, but we want to help you to make an impact where you live, work, or go to school.  

Community Life Center (CLC)

Making a difference in our community

Impacting our world—shouldn't this be what church is about? Unfortunately for many, church has become a Sunday morning event where the goal is to have rooms full of people rather than hearts full of God. At NWChurch, we want to "do church" differently. In 2016, we strategically relocated to the heart of the marketplace in Lynnwood, WA and, “… built a community center where a church happens to meet.”

Our goal is to partner with great people and great organizations to help people to connect to the true, loving, and relational God and realize their worth in His eyes. Making the CLC available to the community requires the transformative involvement of many.

We need your help! There are lots of ways you can get involved and help to make a difference in our community. Come check it out!

Giving more than your time

Your financial support makes a difference.

Money is an important part of our world; but it’s meant to be a tool to accomplish good things in life. Providing for our families, enjoying a hot cup of coffee, an occasional vacation to paradise … money helps us enjoy everyday life.

And money—when given to good things—becomes a source of satisfaction in life. If you’ve experienced the joy of giving to help people, to fund a good cause, or to join with the community to overcome a challenge ... you know it can be addictive.

Most of us are blessed compared to a lot of people in the world. We have running water and secure homes virtually everywhere. We have endless opportunities to earn a living. A typical American—even if in the low to middle class bracket—still earns an income that is 10 times the income received by the typical person in the world.

We believe that God gives good gifts and we are charged to manage those gifts wisely. Investing in the mission and vision of God for NWChurch is one way to wisely invest. When you give, you can have the confidence that lives will be touched. Whether it’s through our hospitality to our partner groups, the greater community, or to global missions, we work hard to make sure your donations make a difference for real people.

And one last thing: We need your support. NWChurch is blessed, but we're not sitting on a large savings account. While we do our best to keep healthy reserves, we invest donations quickly and wisely in local, regional, and global efforts to share the love of God through tangible action. Thanks for giving.

Partner Organizations

Because the job is bigger than us.

Impacting the world is a big job—one that is bigger than us. When we opened the Community Life Center, we also decided to use this facility to partner with other like-minded organizations.

Puget Sound Christian Clinic (PSCC) operates a 3,300 square foot dental clinic upstairs in the Community Life Center. PSCC also offers a mobile medical clinic every week with full care, screening, physical therapy, chiropractic care, along with licensed counseling. Click here to see how you can volunteer with PSCC.

The Lynnwood Police Department has a special outreach team that helps the homeless in our community get back on their feet.  Rather than simply giving them money, the LPD actively works with each person to identify how best to help. The Community Life Center helps to give the homeless the dignity of a shower and the tools to prepare for a job interview. If they get to a point where they find a new home, we help get them set up for a new life.  Click here to learn more.

Business Networking International (BNI) meets on Thursday mornings at the Community Life Center to provide connections, networking and opportunities for entrepreneurs and business owners. This fits our mission of “transforming lives and community….” When small businesses are thriving, people have jobs and the ability to support their families.  Click here for more information about the local chapter of BNI.

Cedar Valley Community School is super close and has a lot of ways you can help. Volunteers are needed to help in the classroom, one-on-one, cutting things out, sorting books in the library, and supporting the teachers.  Any amount of time will help ... even 1-2 hours, one day a week is appreciated. For more information or to sign up, contact the church office.

YoungLife is a great friend to NWChurch, and their local chapter, Lynnwood Terrace, is blessing students. From ministry to students in middle school, high school, Edmonds Community College, and Young Lives (ministry to young moms), Younglife is a great way to plug in and make a difference. YoungLife knows we support their work and bless them with meeting space. They have to raise 100% of their funding for each year and providing this great ministry a space is one way we support YoungLife in tangible ways. Click here for more info on YoungLife Lynnwood Terrace.