Weekly Reflections

                 by Chris Goldman 

                                         ~ Pastor, NWChurch

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Current Series

Our Winter Series, "One Life Changed the World" is based on the Gospel of John. I'll post slides here and there to meet requests for some of the more involved visuals being used during this series. We will study John through Easter and conclude by the end of April. I hope you'll be challenged to allow the one life of Jesus Christ to change not only the world...but change you from the inside out. 

Screen shot from Sermon - Aug 14. 

Weekly Thoughts . . .

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Advent Week Four - LOVE
December 15th, 2022
Friday email - December 16, 2022 The birth of Christ will be our focus for worship this Sunday. Our goal will be to consider the beauty of this simple narrative without much embellishment. We’ll sing traditional and contemporary Christmas songs and light the advent candle for LOVE. Much meaning and tradition surrounds this season. The global Church has helped focus on the birth and advent of the C...
Jesus' Instructions
October 7th, 2022
Friday Email - October 7, 2022 Our WAIT & Renew series has taken us from the messianic prophecies about the coming of Jesus, through the birth and death of the Christ, and now to Jesus’ instructions for his followers to — you guessed it — wait. The books of Luke and Acts are sequels (Part 1 and Part 2, if you will). As Luke closes with the death of Christ, Acts opens with important information not...
A Special Request
September 16th, 2022
Friday Email - September 16, 2022 September 24 - Congregational MeetingLast year – on the first week of November – we were invited to a congregational meeting to give input about growing younger, stronger, and more diverse as we seek to increase our transformational impact through God’s love. That led to a congregational Strategic Team who came back to the elders with the eight recommendations sha...
WAIT and Renew
September 9th, 2022
Friday email - September 9, 2022 Jerry Seinfeld’s stand-up featured our American complaints about the “waiting room.” Why? Because it’s very name indicates we will have to wait. And I believe this is a true statement: We’re not good at waiting! Our world is designed for speed and hurry. We typically view waiting as a waste of time. When our son traveled to Uganda an invitation was extended to “sit...
Simple Obedience & Enjoyment Makes the Difference
August 12th, 2022
Friday email - August 12, 2022 Complexity or simplicity? In general, which way do you lean?When it comes to writing and communication, simplicity is very complex. Cutting words, creating clarity, and making it simple takes work and intentionality. Complexity can happen by accident. Simplicity demands focus. This is true in life as well.During the past two years, simplicity was forced on many of us...