Fall '23 Philippine Mission Trip

Philippine Mission Trip 2023

In the fall of 2023, Jim McElroy and Darrell McLaughlin traveled to the Philippines.
Here is their story and some of the images captured on the trip. 
Jim McElroy and Darrel McLaughlin had a fast-paced trip to the Philippines. As the Executive Director of the Philippine Mission Churches of Christ (PMCC) Jim was thankful to have Darrel use his videographer abilities to record the mission’s outreach and Filipino partners. This will be used to update the Mission’s web page. They traveled from Metro-Manila with its 20+ million residents to smaller cities in the provinces as well as remote areas. Darrel recorded Jim’s interviews with church plant teams, the 3 PMCC academies, hospital and its outreach with a tribal group.  When asked about the trip, Darrel’s reply was: “I was blessed to experience the PMCC mission.”
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