Short-term Mission Opportunities 2023

New York City
Date: June 18-24 (1 week)

Goal: Learn/practice having natural spiritual conversations with people, especially immigrants from Unreached People Groups. This will help church planters from International Project expand their reach and discover new people who are spiritually open, for follow up.
Prerequisites: Willingness to talk with strangers; mobility to ride the subway and move around the city.

Team Leader: International Project trainers / Trish King trip coordination
# of people: Up to 20
Please register by March 15th. (Deadline was extended)
Background info:  https://internationalproject.org/opportunities/seed-week/

Date: June 8-22 (2 weeks)

Goal: Support revival meetings and children served by Hippo Valley Christian Mission. Potential to see many people saved through these events.
Prerequisites: Physical stamina and health to ride on very bumpy back roads and potentially walk into the bush beyond that. Cultural sensitivity.

Team Leader: Donna Stroop
# of people: 1-3
Background info: https://www.hippovalley.org/
Date: October (10 days)

Goal: Video interviews with people who benefit from the ministry of Philippine Mission Churches of Christ. Your work will help PMCC present their work and gain new supporters.
Prerequisites: One person needs high skill in videography, the others can be trained as assistants.

Team Leader: Jim McElroy
# of People: 3
Background info: https://pmccluzon.org/
Please contact Trish King or the church office for more information or to register.
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