May I take this opportunity to greet you all in the name of our Savior. It has been a long time since we communicated through report writing. I frequently communicate through WhatsApp sending pictures and very short videos showing how our great Lord is working in this part of our world.

Even though we are far apart geographically, from the Lord’s perspective we are one. He knows no geographic boundaries. Why do I say so? Because your prayers from Seattle are breaking boundaries my brothers and sisters.

Since early this year my health has improved a lot. I am now able to do pulpit preaching with an improved voice. With a well-planned schedule each week I am able to achieve a lot of work for the Lord. Eunice and I visit the sick and strong alike. I deliver well planned short lessons to those we visited and to our community via radio lessons. And I try by all means to protect myself from direct sunlight by always wearing a hat.

Since January we have been able to visit Manica church on Sundays and the whole church at Manica has come to Messica for Sunday fellowship. The church building could not hold the number. Some had to sit outside listening to the sermon. We at Messica are now having this challenge of not having enough space in our building. At first we thought it was due to the COVID spacing issue but since no restrictions exist now we are still challenged.

The week before last Eunice and other women of the church travelled to Manica for a fellowship with the women there. This took place on a Saturday. That weekend on a Sunday I attended church there with my daughters. After service we were able to discuss having yet another fellowship meeting but this time it will start on a Saturday with both congregations together through the weekend. Saturday will be a day of delivering lessons. The women will meet together, as will the men and the youths. Sunday will be a typical church service. This will take place in October.

We had several who came to the Lord since early January. If the Lord wills this coming Sunday two are going to be baptized soon after church service: our new local administrator with his wife. We have other pending baptisms: a local teacher with his wife. I last spoke with them about this and we are still waiting for their decisions. Every Sunday they attend services with us.

Two families have returned to the house of our Lord. Last week a young man and a father returned to the house of the Lord. Also, a husband and wife returned after about five years. Brothers and sisters, we are talking about a man and a woman confessing to the whole church of their coming back. This is the work of the Lord!
To win a war proper tools are needed. Once again we thank you for the bibles. May our Lord bless each and every one of you my brothers and sisters

All four of our daughters are all well. Grandson Owen is doing well, growing strong. It is very hard to leave home without him. Linda is now doing her last practicals. She is studying to become a nurse.

Owen and Eunice

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