WAIT and Renew

Friday email - September 9, 2022
Jerry Seinfeld’s stand-up featured our American complaints about the “waiting room.” Why? Because it’s very name indicates we will have to wait. And I believe this is a true statement: We’re not good at waiting! Our world is designed for speed and hurry. We typically view waiting as a waste of time.

When our son traveled to Uganda an invitation was extended to “sit with the elders.” It was an honor and he gladly accepted. Then entered into the main village hut, and what happened next was surprising…they sat with the elders. No words were spoken. No exchanges of information. They sat…for several hours.

Waiting, sitting, thinking, processing — all in silence — are not valued in our culture as they are in many others. So why is this a concern?

Isaiah would speak the Word of the Lord, “Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like the eagles. They shall run and not grow weary, they shall walk and not faint.” If you’re like me, this imagery is powerful: Renewed Strength, Flying Like Eagles, Running without Weariness, Walking without Weakness. BUT, these all come to those who learn to wait.

Time waiting is not time wasted if you understand what God would have us learn from waiting.

This Sunday we will hear the words of the Lord found in Isaiah 40. This chapter is one of the top ten most influential chapters in all of scripture (in my opinion). We will also unpack an approach to exploring the Word this fall:
  • Words to Live By
  • Actions to Take
  • Inspiration to Lean On
  • Transformation I Desire
As you wait on the Lord this fall, I’m challenging you to consider journaling your thoughts and marking up your paper Bible using this acronym. What words jump out as the words for abundant living? What actions does God call on me to take? What inspiration do I find to lean on in my life? And what transformation through God’s Spirit do I desire because of my time waiting on the Lord?

I hope you’ll join us on Sunday for worship, learning, and also spending time together in the park. God has brought us together to minister during this time and in this place. Seeking God’s Will as we wait may be the most important thing we don’t DO all year! See you Sunday!
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