Simple Obedience & Enjoyment Makes the Difference

Friday email - August 12, 2022

Simple Obedience & Enjoyment
Makes the Difference

Complexity or simplicity? In general, which way do you lean?

When it comes to writing and communication, simplicity is very complex. Cutting words, creating clarity, and making it simple takes work and intentionality. Complexity can happen by accident. Simplicity demands focus. This is true in life as well.

During the past two years, simplicity was forced on many of us. Not saying that the global events we’ve all experienced didn’t create complexities, but many of us stepped back from our overly busy lives. Early on, many people expressed the beauty of slowing down. But over time, we began to experience with-drawls from our go-go-go cultural drive.

One of the challenges we face in following God is the simplicity of God’s design for our lives. Solomon tried to achieve life satisfaction through anything money can buy. In the end, Solomon’s conclusion about life fulfillment is simplicity.

“Now all has been heard;
   here is the conclusion of the matter:
Fear God and keep his commandments,
   for this is the duty of all mankind.”

Keep it simple is a good proverb for faithful living.

It’s important to note here that the word “commandments” doesn’t refer to every rabbinical teaching that grew out of God’s basic commands. God tends to keep things simple, while God’s people tend to make them complex.

When Jesus came to live among us, it was to show humanity what living for God looked like. And guess what? It was pretty simple living. Jesus tended to keep obedience to God very simple. For example, when challenged to state the most important commandment, Jesus answered very simply, “Love the Lord your God..., and love your neighbor as yourself.” We also see this in stories throughout the scriptures where God asks people to do something very simple, and they ask for some grand gesture.

Here are some simple things in scripture that humanity makes unnecessarily complex:
  • The Ten Commandments
  • Baptism
  • Communion
  • Support and Send
  • Tithing
  • etc.
Battling simplicity is a tendency to overthink rather than simply follow. This gets back to a profound question I was asked, “When you think of the song, ‘Trust and Obey,’ which is more difficult?” The answer is — for most people — trust is more difficult than obedience. After all, if we truly trust, obedience naturally follows.

Sunday, we will wrap up our series from Ecclesiastes. It will end simply. We will also begin with a look forward over the next two months and the general direction of the fall schedule.

See you Sunday!

Simple Obedience & Enjoyment
Makes the Difference
Series Conclusion - Ecclesiastes 12
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