Pausing 9:30 am Classes for 2 Weeks

Due to a high number of exposures and positive tests, we are pausing classes for two weeks as we allow this wave to pass. (January 16 & 23)  To date, most have experienced 3-5 days of sickness without hospitalization being necessary. A few people we know have battled for a couple of weeks before recovering. We desire the best for everyone.

In the words of Care Pastor in addressing our Prime-Timer's Group:
"Because Omicron is so pervasive, it might be hard to escape infection no matter how careful we are. That doesn’t mean we have permission to throw caution to the wind, but it does mean that we all need to be monitoring ourselves for symptoms, especially for those who have underlying heath conditions that might make a case of COVID worse." ~ Care Pastor, Bill Lawrence

This is frustrating especially given our great attendance for the new-class kick-off last Sunday. Because of the popularity of these classes, we will extend this January/February session into March to ensure everyone is able to enjoy these amazing classes.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: All of our teams have significant volunteers in quarantine protocol as they recover or test before coming back together. This is impacting our Children's teaching staff, Scone & Coffee teams, and Sunday morning special teams. Because of this, we won't be able to have scones on Sunday and urge everyone out of consideration for others to make extra efforts to diligently wear your masks and limit exposures.
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