FriendSPEAK | Let's Start Talking with New Friends

Are you looking for a way to connect with people and share the love of Jesus? One thing we're asking our HOLIDAY FEAST FROM FRIENDS guests is whether they're interested in partnering up with someone to help them improve their English language skills.

If you'd like to be connected with those interested, we can provide an easy-to-follow workbook to guide you. The workbooks are from FriendSpeak—an organization dedicated to helping people build language skills while learning lessons from the Bible. FriendSpeak offers people something they want but have difficulty finding—a friend who will help them practice and improve their conversational English.

Everyone Can Participate. If you love Jesus, can speak English, enjoy people and have an hour a week to volunteer, you can do FriendSpeak! We use a unique tool that makes outreach to our community simple and effective. Sign up today and we'll connect you with a new friend!

Use the Holiday Feast from Friends Volunteer page (at the bottom) to sign up for this great ministry opportunity!
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