New Women's Class - Be Brave 2 - starts 3/16

Be Brave 2 is a 7-week study authored by Marjie Schaefer, which delves into the lives, actions, and faith of those recorded for us in the Bible. We will learn from the interaction of Jesus with the woman at the well. We will see how worship enabled David, Paul, and Silas to be brave and how we can emulate their actions in our own lives. Come along for this enlightening and encouraging journey as we seek to be equipped to live brave lives in the 21st century!  

This study is a journey into Biblical stories of faith and courage in the face of fear. It will also take you into the theology of bravery so that when your world is rocked by something unforeseeable, you can stand on your firm foundation of faith. Led by Joanna Smith and Kim McCormick, each class will last for an hour-and-a-half.

Please note: You need not have taken Be Brave 1 before attending this class. Ladies ... join us!
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