Lenten Challenge 2021

Lent is the long-standing tradition of many churches to practice self-denial or self-control for forty days between Ash Wednesday (February 17th this year) leading up to Easter Sunday (excluding Sundays). This year the dates are February 17 through April 3. It’s commemorative of the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert.

This year, we wanted to help everyone engage this practice with a challenge ... actually a series of challenges. The year 2021 is—after all—a reset year for many of us. During 2020, we gave up many of our freedoms, luxuries, and habits of everyday life. AND most of us picked some not-so-good new ones.

This leads us to the 2021 Lenten ChallengeWhile two of our challenges cover the entire stretch and may be enough for you, the other seven challenges are one-week challenges rotating through many of the difficult “issues” our culture is dealing with post-2020. While self-denial may not be considered “fun” ... it’s our hope this 2021 challenge will be wholesome and beneficial.
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