January Sermon Series - Fear to Faith

Not a lot of people fear the pandemic. They respect it, but don’t fear it. However, everyone I know has struggled with unusual instability globally leading to a sense of fear in many around the world. This fear is expressed through concerns of disease (yes), protests, politics, changes, and the unknown.

How do we move from fear to faith?

As we launch a January study from the life of Joshua, we enter into the world of a leader who had every reason to fear, and every reason to have faith. More than once, God tells Joshua not to be afraid. Scholars point out God doesn’t repeat messages unless there is a reason. Giving in to fear is different than experiencing fear. Fear is an emotion that simply hits us. How we react to fear ... that’s a different matter.

Join us on Sunday, January 3 at 10:30 a.m. as we open Joshua 1 and begin a journey ... a progression, if you will.
  • Fear to Faith (January)
  • Faith to Peace (February)
  • Peace to Prosperity (March)

Join us for this 2021 series, dig in, have faith, and prepare yourself for a good year ahead.
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