Kisumu, Kenya Ring Road Update November 2020

We received mostly good news from our mission partners at Ring Road School in Kisumu, Kenya. For many years Northwest Church has been providing funds to pay teachers’ salaries at some of the sites that make up the Ring Road school complex.  Additionally, many the members at Northwest sponsor one or more destitute children who are attending Ring Road School through Christian Relief Fund.  If you would like more information, CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE CRF WEBSITE.

Peace and joy from Kisumu Kenya. We are all doing well and trying to cope with the COVID-19 situation. We are under His umbrella and many children are missing school. We have experienced no deaths so far nor any sickness. God is on our side.

Schools resumed for Fourth Formers (12th graders in high school) and those in grades 4 and 8 of primary school. These children are preparing for their national exams.  Other children are not attending school at this time.

All our teachers are back to work and they are all doing well, thanks for the Ring Road support and the bonuses you sent in the past. The church attendance is back with about 120 attendance and the Sunday classes of not more than 100 is what we can accommodate.

We are praying for your lovely country that the peace may continue as you know that USA is the world role model in democracy. Thanks once again for all the support and our hello to all the saints in Northwest

Under His umbrella,
Jared Oriadha

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