Kids--November Teaching Series

People say music is the universal language—something everyone loves in one form or another—and a way we can communicate shared emotion and experience even across generations, culture, location, backgrounds, and traditions. Much of what is expressed in the book of Psalm are things we experience and feel today. Because of that, we can learn a lot about God and ourselves in these Psalms.

When kids can claim these five things:
1) I am wonderful because God made me;
2) I am safe because God watches over me;
3) I am confident because God leads me;
4) I am forgiven because God loves me;
5) I am not afraid because God can be trusted
—they will be unstoppable in their life with God!

Sunday School for Kids (PreK/K-6) - During Sermon (approx. 10:45 am)
If your primary age child cannot join us on campus (which is completely fine), we would love to have them participate with us online. When Pastor Goldman gets on stage after the singing, have them get on the Zoom to join us. It will be similar to Sunday School, where the teacher will be teaching and call on students both virtually and physically to participate.
Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82658851421
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