Leadership Update - March 16

Given ever-rising concerns about Covid-19 (coronavirus), we will be updating you from time to time as to what's happening here at the Community Life Center and Northwest Church. Check back here often for the latest news and information.


We are complying with regulations on social distancing for meetings of 50 or less.
Any event with more than 50 people is being cancelled or postponed.

Cancelled events:
  • Good Friday Seder - Any tickets or tables you might have purchased will be refunded to you very soon.

Postponed Events:
  • Christlike Conversations about LGBTQ+ with Sally Gary - This was originally scheduled for April 18, but will be rescheduled at a later date. Stay tuned for information about when a new date is identified. Any tickets you may have purchased will be refunded soon.
  • Relate Strong - A weekend conference was originally scheduled for May 16. Again, we'll let you know when a new date is named. 

Even though social distancing is called for, we're exploring ways to connect with one another so we're not isolated.

Edmonds School District will be launching a feeding program out of the Community Life Center, to support needy families in the district. We'll update you on how and when you can be a part of that community effort. 

Click here for information about online, interactive Bible Classes that are starting this week. 

One of our Elders--Willie Roseborough--will be starting a prayer walk around the Community Life Center at 5:30 pm, and you are welcome to attend ... providing you comply with the health department standards.

In the meantime, call and text other people in your sphere of influence to let them know you're thinking of them. Let's band together in safe ways to stay in community.

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