Coronavirus: AN APPROACH for Sunday, March 8

COVID-19 Approach this Weekend: Scaled Back, Not Shut-Down
from Chris Goldman, Lead Pastor

COVID-19 (known as Coronavirus) is on everyone’s hearts and minds this week. As churches have been at the center of health over the centuries, we want to address this and update the NWChurch network regarding upcoming plans and adjustments. Please take time to read this message.

FIRST - Sunday services will scaled back to one service at 10:30 am. This has been the most asked question and we want to answer that first. We are in communication with medical facilities, pastors in the area, and tracking the latest developments. Communion will be passed out in single-serving, protected containers. Children will be dismissed as usual. ALSO—Sunday morning Adult Bible classes are cancelled this week.

SECOND - We are cleaning and disinfecting every flat surface in the Community Life Center multiple times a day as recommended by the Health Officials. Just as King County Health Officials are not recommending the closure of schools or venues such as CenturyLink Field, we are not at a point of cancelling services or events across the board.

THIRD - We are asking for your vigilance to help us meet the following recommended health standards:
  1. If you have a fever, a recent cough, etc. please stay home and take the recommended precautions to ensure you are not spreading COVID-19.
  2. If you have been in contact with anyone who has a fever or a non-productive cough, please stay at home out of caution.
  3. If you are in an at risk group (respiratory illness, low immune system, senior, etc.), please take caution. Here are the at-risk groups listed by King County:
    1. People 60 and older
    2. People with underlying health conditions including heart disease, lung disease, or diabetes
    3. People who have weakened immune systems
    4. People who are pregnant
  • When you walk in on Sundays or for events, we ask you immediately wash your hands or utilize the provided hand sanitizers.
  • Let’s practice “rubbing elbows” rather than shaking hands.
  • While we want to express concern and care during this time, we also want to be of encouragement and express joyful faith (especially since anxieties are so high).

Food handling measures will be increased at all functions. Scones will not be self-served, but served for the time being. If you have a food-handler’s permit, we would like extra hands to help with this. Food handlers will be asked to wear gloves, use tongs, etc..

If meeting with the church makes you nervous or fearful, please join us online via Facebook as we broadcast live every Sunday.

NOTE: PURIM TUESDAY EVENING HAS BEEN POSTPONED. For other events, check with your leader(s). Otherwise, most activities will continue as scheduled until further notice.

We will communicate about any other adjustments in the coming weeks. 
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