Easter Escapade Family Event - April 4

For many kids, Easter goes hand-in-hand with chocolate farm animals and plastic eggs. It can be a real challenge to provide age-appropriate opportunities for them to engage with the story of Easter.

Skip spending hours upon hours on Pinterest (only to find loads of egg and bunny activities!)— we've got something that speaks more deeply to the adventure found in Jesus' journey to the cross. Cue Easter Escapade! This event is for families with kids of all ages, as they travel from station to station and experience key events leading to the resurrection of Jesus.

For those who attend, you will get a light lunch with a new button for your collection.
Note: This is not a drop-off-your-child event, it's meant for the whole family.

Saturday, April 4
11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Community Life Center Foyer

Register your family online.
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