New Service Hours starting June 2

NWChurch recently announced an adjustment to our worship times beginning on June 2:
9:00 & 10:30 a.m.  However, we’re adjusting more than just the starting times.

  • First of all, the children will begin in the Worship Center for both services. Then, they will be dismissed to classes before the sermon. Our goal is to ensure that we are raising up a new generation of worshippers and worship leaders. This can only happen if they regularly experience what it's like. Hearing children raise their voices with ours does them good ... and it does US good. So, parents, we want your kids with us in worship each week.

  • Secondly, we are shortening services to 60-65 minutes each week. Right now, we have two 75-minute worship services. For adults who want to attend worship AND a Bible class, this requires that they be here from 8:30 - 12:00 (3.5 hours). This new adjustment shortens the time commitment, allowing families to arrive at 8:45 and depart at 11:45 if they want to enjoy both experiences.

We will pilot this schedule for the entire summer, consider any adjustments, and finalize a schedule for September.

Worship services will begin with one song before the welcome instead of two. We know you like to visit with each other in the Lobby over scones and coffee ... but we ask your help in making your way into the Worship Center when you hear the first song begin. Thanks for your help in making this adjustment a smooth one!  
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