Intro to NWC Missions Ministry

Did you know that NW Church has a Missions Ministry? Did you know that NW partners with five ministries whose focus is spreading the Good News about Jesus in other parts of the world?
This blog will introduce you to Missions Ministry.  Today we’ll present an overview of all we do and in subsequent posts we’ll go into more depth about mission-focused work here at NW Church.

There is a small group of people who provide direction and oversight of the missions efforts here at NW Church.  This group:
  • Provides encouragement and prayer support to our ministry partners
  • Makes recommendations to the leadership regarding new ministries to support, either in an ongoing or one-time capacity
  • Communicates to the membership about opportunities to serve and prayer needs of our partners
  • Encourages members to make short- and long-term  commitments to serving in other parts of the world

Our current partners are:
  • Dwayne and Helen Rainwater. Serving in Western Africa as Bible translators and focusing on literacy with a large unreached people group.
  • Chad and Amy Westerholm. Serving in the Makua-Metto in Mozambique as Bible translators and church planters.  
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