Children's Ministry - New Teaching Series

Squish, boing, chomp, splat!  The only thing better than hearing these sounds is making them yourself! Telling a great story is exciting, but when you get to add your own noises, things get…well…(insert Kaboom sound) explosively fun!  

That’s exactly what kids will be doing during our new “Live Out Loud” series on Sunday evenings. Using their mouths, bodies and just about anything else they can find, kids will help make the early stories of Jesus’ life come alive with sound effects. As kids hear about the wisdom, love, and compassion that Jesus showed, they’ll learn that following his example will help them to “Live Out Loud” so that other people take notice and wonder who or what made them so extraordinary.  

On Sunday mornings—during the first service—kids start in the Worship Center and then are dismissed to their classrooms. During second service, kids start at 10:30 a.m. in classes.

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