There are many ministries that can help you and your family grow.
There is a place for everyone!

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"I love this place! The people are super-friendly and
we enjoy homemade scones on Sundays!"

- Debbie D.

"I was a little nervous about joining any activities or groups,
but I'm glad I did because I've found my tribe!"

- Terri F.

Here is an overview of the various ministries at NWChurch. There is a place for everyone!
For more information about each one, simply click on the one you want to learn more about.

Jesus spoke about how we should have faith like that of a child. We want to help each child in their first steps of faith, learning about how God loves them and how He made them special and unique. We offer loving nursery care for our littlest ones, and interactive, fun and age-appropriate Bible classes for kids up to Grade 6.
The student ministry at NWChurch includes a vibrant group of teens who have a ton of fun hanging out and learning together about what God wants for their lives. They meet throughout the school year on a regular basis, and in the summer for special events that help them stay connected with each other.
It’s way too easy to simply come to church on Sunday and slip out without really connecting with other people. We offer seasonal adult Bible classes during both service hours on Sunday, which gives you a chance to get to know other people better, ask questions about living a life of faith, and learn more about God.
We all have things in our lives that keep us from growing—hurts, habits, and hang-ups. God wants us to live “abundant lives,” but we stumble over past issues or current challenges. Celebrate Recovery is a faith-based ministry that works through “8 Recovery Principles” that help us become changed people.
We are not meant to live life alone. God made us relational just like Him. There are lots of ways we connect with others, whether it’s because we share a similar life stage or we join groups that work or play together. NWChurch has a wide variety of groups to help you feel like you belong.

The Bible tells us that God wants us to live “abundant lives,” and we believe this extends to the whole person—the physical body as well as the spiritual life. We have a dedicated team of nurses and medical professionals who help us by leading exercise or health classes and offering free blood pressure checks to monitor our health.

Good News should be shared.
What do you do when you have good news? You share it with all your friends and family! We feel that way about the Good News of Jesus Christ—that God made a way for us to be able to come to Him anytime. That news is so good, we are dedicated to sharing it all over the world by supporting missionaries and agencies that do just that.

Spiritual Formation

Learning together.
God wants us to grow in our relationship with Him. We do that by meeting on a regular basis to worship together on Sunday mornings, which helps us and encourages others. We also set aside times of learning together at special events and off-site retreats. This gets us away from distractions—helping us to focus on Him and His will for our lives.
Sisters of SOUL
The Women's Ministry at NWChurch gives the women in our community opportunities for focused relationship-building and to provide support for one another. Why do we call ourselves "Sisters of SOUL?" It's because we are women of the Word connecting through Service and Outreach, building Unity through the Love of Christ.

First Impressions

Because you're that important.
Greeting our guests is so important to us that we have a dedicated team just for this. Serving great coffee and homemade scones is part of it, but those just set the stage for getting to know one another. We want our guests to feel comfortable and welcome ... wherever they are in life.

Pastoral Care

Walking with you in good times and bad.
We care for people by helping them in times when they are weak, sick, or in distress. The Bible encourages us to celebrate with one another in good times, and to grieve with each other in the tough times. NWChurch takes this seriously and we’re committed to sharing this journey of life. We visit those who are sick, comfort those who are grieving, and help when times are tough.

Community Life Center

A community center where a church happens to meet.
Underlying and supporting all the above is our Community Life Center. In 2016, we strategically relocated to the heart of the marketplace in Lynnwood, WA and, “…built a community center where a church happens to meet.” Our goal is to partner with great people and great organizations who help transform lives and community through sharing the love of God with people and helping families in the area.